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Reference Documents

Independent Study of MVB Effectiveness

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2020

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2019

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2018

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2017

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2016

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2014 & 6-30-2015

Audited Financials FYE 6-30-2013

MVB Formation and Operations, Plus Other Helpful Documents

Glossary of Terms
Terms and definitions from the world of state-supplied and federally funded vaccines.

22 MSRA §1066 (pdf)
Statute amended in 2018 to remove the Treasurer of State Board Seat.

Rule 95-695 Chapter 248 (pdf)
The MVB Rule Concerning vaccines provided by the universal childhood immunization program.

Anti-Trust Compliance (pdf)

Annual Report to the Legislature
These are the annual reports to the legislature regarding operation of the MVB as contemplated under Section 8 of 22 MSRA §1066.
FY20 MVB Annual Report to the Maine Legislature (pdf)
FY19 MVB Annual Report to the Maine Legislature (pdf)
FY18 MVB Annual Report to the Maine Legislature (pdf)
FY17 MVB Annual Report to the Maine Legislature (pdf)
FY16 MVB Annual Report to the Maine Legislature (pdf)

How is MVB/s Assessment Rate Determined?
MVB receives from Maine CDC the estimated vaccine costs for non-federally paid (i.e., VFC) vaccines and allocates those costs across the estimated number of non-VFC eligible Maine resident children. MVB computes a per child covered life per month assessment rate for each fiscal year. This computation considers all of MVB’s costs to maintain Maine’s Universal Childhood Immunization Program, including reserves as allowed by statute, to minimize the risk of having to make a supplemental assessment. Any excess funds are carried forward to reduce next year’s assessment.

Assessment Collection Methodology

MVB Tax ID: 45-2819045

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